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OUR Vision


What we mean by “transformation” is not just becoming a better person or a more morally upright person. We’re here to help people become more like Christ every day because we believe that’s God’s #1 desire for us.

God created us in His image because He wants us to be like Him and live like Him. Unfortunately, the image of God has been distorted because of sin. But God is working on us. He is restoring that image of Christ back in us. In fact, when Jesus comes back the first thing that will happen is for us to be like Him, look like Him, and live like Him. Until then we want to join God in recreating that image of God in us, with the help of God.

“N.O.W.” in our vision provides us with a road map to accomplishing this vision.

Where do we start in accomplishing this”? N: which stands for “Near to far.” It simply means that transformation begins with us as a person and has a ripple effect and goes beyond from there.

How do we do it? O: One life at a time. That means that transformation happens in loving relationships that show our intentionality.

What will lead us to fulfill this vision as a church?” W: Word and Spirit leading the way. It’s not the staff or some program. Transformation is something that God does God transforms us.

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