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At Lakeview, global missions and local outreach is a priority. In embracing our vision statement of Transformation NOW, loving God and loving others through the Great Commandment (Matt. 22:37-39) and fulfilling the Great Commission (Matt. 28:19-20) are foundational. The Missions ministry at Lakeview exists to glorify God by sharing the Gospel message of Jesus Christ to all those who need to experience and hear about God’s love.


In terms of global missions, Lakeview presently partners with missionaries serving in China, Taiwan, France, Guatemala, Singapore, Turkey, Egypt, and Nicaragua. In addition to these countries that Lakeview supports financially and through prayer, God has especially called our church to serve Him in Turkey and Guatemala through annual missions trips.


Several of the local outreach ministries that Lakeview is presently partnering with include:

 .   • By The Hand Club for Kids

     • Exodus World Service

     • House of Prayer

     • Mecca to Christ

Our passion is to make Christ known through Transformation NOW.

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physicians in

north africa

  • Previously lived and worked in sub-Saharan Africa

  • Serving in North Africa since January 2020

  • Prayer Request: that God would uphold us to be faithful and persevering in our serving and that he would make our labors fruitful in gospel advancement

justin and  jenna dodson

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serving seminaries in asia

JR is a missionary living in East Asia. He serves by providing consultation and accreditation to seminaries across Asia.  In Asia today, one of the most important needs in the mission field is helping seminaries provide quality theological education to pastors and church leaders. Someone once said “how a country is transformed spiritually with the gospel depends on the quality and health of the church. The quality and health of the church depends on the quality of its pastors and church leaders. The quality of pastors and church leaders depends on the quality of their theological training (seminaries). The quality of seminaries depends upon the quality of the ministry of accreditation.” JR also serves as an adjunct mission professor traveling around Asia to train pastors and missionaries. His wife, FR, serves as a school counselor at an international school.  

continuous presence

of god

Pastor Carlos José Casco Sánchez is the General Pastor of Iglesia Vida Visible de Cristo Rey Tipitapa. I am 49 years old. I am married, my wife is called Mavel Amparo Rivera Castillo. We have 2 children my eldest daughter Angélica Judith Casco Rivera and my youngest son Yordi alexander Casco Rivera. I am dedicated 100% to my Ministry. My wife Mavel works in a janitor company, my daughter Angelica has a degree in Business Administration, my son Yordi is an agronomist, they are working with me in the church.

My daughter Angélica is the director of the dance ministry and director of the children's ministry while my son Yordi is the director of the singing ministry and director of the Evangelism ministry. We are currently serving 2 Churches. Ours is in Tipitapa and in the City of  Granada where we take care of one another. We are buying land for the construction of the church of Granada, they are selling it for three thousand dollars, the exchange of cordobas is equivalent to 104,100 cordobas, they are selling it in monthly installments of 4,337.50 cordobas for a term  of 24 installments, that is, for two years, we have already given 4 installments with the participation of our entire church, and we are believing God that we will pay it before the established time, I ask you to pray so that the finances of our church grow and God makes us a  miracle to pay each corresponding quota, this community of granadad is very needy since they are families that live from what they harvest on the land, they sell fruits like jocotes mamones, nansites, yucca, mangoes, We want to help these families, they do not have water and they have to pull it in carts with horses, we believe that when we pay for the land we will open a well to supply them with this vital liquid and at the same time share the Holy Gospel, I ask you to pray for all  May God provide us with all the resources we need, we are experiencing a very difficult situation here in our nation, first a socio-political problem and now the coronavirus pandemic, these two things have caused many companies to close, and some brothers in our church have  I am unemployed, I ask for prayer, for all this, I apologize for opening my heart and sharing this, the truth that makes me a little sad and desperate, but we trust in the providence of the Lord Jesus Christ, pray for me and my family, it will be great  help, thank you very much.


david and

jackie ro

David and Jackie Ro serve with OMF in East Asia. David is involved in facilitating a missionary movement from Asia working with church leaders, pastors, mission leaders and young people for global missions. Jackie is involved in providing spiritual formation and leadership training for Women in Ministry in Asia.  

pastor emmanuel aguirre

My Name is Emanuel Aguirre. I am a founding Pastor of Comunidad Cristiana Vida Visible in Nicaragua. Married to: Concepcion Aguirre

A Son: Hesly Aguirre

Address: Managua, Nicaragua.

Prayer Requests:

1. Pray for a spiritual, moral and economic change in Nicaragua. In the last two years poverty and social political conflicts have increased. And now the covid19 pandemic and the lack of responsible leadership in the country.

2. Pray for the reopening of the church in person next Sunday, September 20. May God give us wisdom and protection.

3. For the economy of the church and the Pastors of Visible Life.

4. By God's direction to reach souls for Christ. For better evangelism and discipleship strategies in this new reality.

5. Pray for economic resources to help the poorest Communities in the interior of Nicaragua.

6. Pray for the opening of new Visible Life campuses.

7. Pray for the health and economy of: Pastors Emanuel and Containment Aguirre, Pastors Carlos and Mabel Casco, Pastors Jairo and Marielos Fonseca and for the entire Visible Life Ministerial team.


"john and

sonya" kim

We are serving refugees here in Turkey with some way one is church planting among afghan refugees and we have 6 different home and building churches for them and we will expand toward other cities. Second is last call ministry, is online outreach and evangelism with facebook or other sins, this is very hot and frutiful ministry now. We have many recalls from Afghanistan and here also from Afghan people who are seeking love and God's presence. Third is Big Dream school: helping and supporting for the children and young people with English teaching and painting teaching online or offline. We have more than 400 students with us.

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peter and 


Peter serves in ministries to displaced peoples coming to Lyon from various countries. He volunteers with a non-for-profit to teach English to those who come to France to find a new life and possibly a new faith in Jesus Christ. Alongside Trinity Church of Lyon, Peter is mobilizing resources to a group of Farsi-speaking new Christians for discipleship, Bible studies and a once-a-month Sunday worship. Peter is also reaching out to the youth and children as their director at Trinity Church of Lyon.


Katherine partners with the French denomination, Union des Eglises Evangéliques Libres, as a member of a team of French pastors, the Vitalité team, engaged in church renewal. Since Katherine already speaks French fluently from her 5 years of previous missionary service with Serve Globally, she coordinates a team in French to provide a church assessment of missional health. On a European level, she serves as the Vitality Liaison facilitating the EuroVitality Team of denominational leaders involved in missional church development. Vitality is a church renewal pathway translated and implemented in 7 nations (Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, France, Norway, Slovakia, Spain).


Here is our Serve Globally Personnel page.


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raymond and

justine song

Rev. Raymond Song, Ph.D. Missionary
Raymond is 1.5 gen. Korean-American pastor from Chicago. He became a Christian when he was in a college through the ministry of Campus Crusade for Christ. Upon graduation, he served as a missionary to Japan for 8 years, where he met his wife, Justine, who is also a missionary to Japan from Korea. Together, they served in Tokyo and Osaka campus and community ministries. They have two adult sons. An ordained minister of the Christian and Missionary Alliance (CAMA), Raymond served at various Korean-

speaking and Asian-American English congregations in

the Chicago area as a pastor. He earned M.Div. and Ph.D. in Intercultural Studies from Trinity Evangelical Divinity School. Currently, he teaches InterculturalStudies at East Asia School of Theology (EAST) in Singapore. At the same time, he serves as a pastor of Young Joseph Ministry (a local church English ministry for Foreign Workers--Domestic Helpers from the Philippines, Myanmar, Indonesia).

Justine Han, Ph.D. Missionary

Justine became a Christian during a high school and got involved in a ministry of Korea Campus Crusade for Christ during a college. While she served as a full-time staff of Korea Campus Crusade for Christ, she was called to Japan as a missionary and served for 11 years There she married missionary Raymond and have two adult sons. Together, they served Campus ministry in Tokyo and pioneer campus and community ministries in Osaka. She earned M.A. in Christian Thoughts and Ph.D. in Educational Studies at Trinity Evangelical Divinity School. She served as a women’s and Children Ministry pastor in the Chicago area for 15 years. Currently, she teaches Educational Studies and Biblical Counseling at East Asia School of Theology (EAST) in Singapore. Attached are video and EAST info that you can freely use. Feel free to modify as it fits your need for the website. Thank you so much for allowing us to partner with Lakeview Covenant Church's mission work!

Blessings, Raymond and Justine.

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other missionaries we support

• Octavio Cerda - Terra Bona in Nicaragua.

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