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Life Stages


At Lakeview, we believe that community is essential for discipleship so we highly encourage everyone to be part of a life stage will allow them to mature spiritually and grow relationally. Within the English Congregation, our life stage ministries include:

     • Kidsland (Children)

     • Zion (Youth Group)​

     • Movement (College​)

     • Catalyst (Young Adults)​

     • Koinonia (Families)​

The goal of each life stage ministry is to live out our vision of Transformation NOW so that Jesus Christ will be exalted in our community and beyond.

Kidsland (Children) Ministry

Kidsland (Children) Ministry


Kidsland on Sunday

Check-in: 9:45 AM to 10:00 AM

Children are from the age of 3 to 5th grade.

After worship, there will be bible study in small groups divided by grade.

AWANA 2023 Spring

January 13 to May 19

7:30 PM to 9:10 PM on Friday
AWANA is a worldwide nonprofit ministry that provides Bible-based evangelism and discipleship solutions.

More information

In a fun and loving environment, Kidsland provides age-appropriate programs for the age of 3 to 5th grade every Sunday during morning worship services. The staff and volunteers create a safe and fun atmosphere so that kids can learn practical lessons from the Bible and begin to develop their relationship with God.

Ask any welcome host or volunteer to find the right spot for your child.

Zion (Youth Group) Ministry

Youth Group.jpg


Unwind (Fri, 7:30pm – 9:30pm):
Every Friday night we invite you to come out and unwind with us at the end of the school week. Join us for food, games, or just a place to hang out on Friday nights from 7:30 PM – 9:30 PM. A short Bible study provides an opportunity to see what the Bible has to say about your life. Once a month we like to mix things up with movies, bowling, and other activities. Come out and see for yourself all that Lakeview has to offer

Cornerstone (Youth Worship Service: Sun, 10:00am):

Lakeview is excited to offer youth a worship service geared towards students. Cornerstone is a worship service designed to answer questions and issues facing students today. Enjoy the musical worship of the 10:00 AM LNB Sunday Service, then gather with us in the Youth Room to hear how the Bible impacts you afterwards at around 10:30 AM.

Lakeview Youth is a youth ministry that desires to glorify God by training the next generation of Jesus’ Church. We desire to make disciples of all junior high and high school student by training up the next generation of Christians as the Bible teaches. Lakeview Youth is the place to experience spirit-filled worship, biblical preaching, Christ-centered fellowship, and the love of Christ in a multicultural setting comprised of 6th-12th graders.

Movement (College) Ministry


Movement exists to make disciples of Jesus Christ who produce disciples of all nations.

At Movement, we emphasize discipleship that unifies all in Christ. Discipleship is offered for believers and believers are sent to disciple non-believers. Our students are encouraged to pursue Christ-centered community not only with fellow school friends but also with Movement members from other schools across the Chicagoland area, as well as with other church members from all different Life Stages. We focus on what it means to make disciples starting in our own church and neighborhood, to the ends of the earth in world missions. We desire to live out a holistic vision of discipleship that transforms every area of our lives, from school and career to relationships and social engagement.


Bible Study (weekly Tue 7:30pm-9:00pm, Zoom):

We believe that the Bible is the living word of God. So we weekly engage it with faith seeking understanding to be transformed by it. This weekly Bible study is a space for all to rigorously dig deeper into the Scriptures with their God-given intellect, led by P Josh. This year, we are going through 2 Corinthians.

Connect (monthly Fri 7:00pm-9:00pm, Northbrook):

Movement Connect is a space where all of our students monthly come together to reflect on what is the Kingdom of God and how to engage in God’s mission near to far, led by P Josh and the Servants team (volunteers from Catalyst and Koinonia).

Small Groups (weekly at varying times, on campus):

Small groups are planted at campus to provide students a weekly opportunity for them and their non-believing friends to do life together in Christ and learn about him. Our small groups are led by our student leaders (MAST). As of now, small groups don’t yet exist on every campus, but we are seeking to establish them in every campus that our students come from.

For the glory of God, Movement seeks:

To BE disciples of JESUS CHRIST

who PRODUCE disciples of ALL NATIONS.

Catalyst (Young Adults) Ministry


The objective of Catalyst is to facilitate community within the young adults at Lakeview. Those of us in our twenties and thirties face unique challenges in work, family, and friendships, and we believe that real relationships help us to navigate these challenges in a God-honoring way. In embracing Lakeview’s vision of Transformation NOW, our desire is to be like Christ, grow in Christ, and to share Christ.

Please check out one of our Life Groups! There are three Catalyst Life Groups that meet weekly.

LGG: Large Group Gatherings (typically the 4th Thursday of every month, 7:30pm):

Every month, the Catalyst Life Groups gather together for discipleship and growth in God’s Word. Through these informative times of sharing and discussing practical life-lessons that are taught from the Bible, our goal is to grow in Christ-like maturity. As we motivate each other to grow in our faith, our desire is to constantly meet up and encourage one another (Hebrews 10:24-25) for the purpose of God’s Kingdom


HG: House Gatherings (every other month, venue TBD):

Table fellowship is absolutely essential when it comes to building up the body of Christ. In the New Testament, table fellowship was a place to connect, to encourage, and to share. When we gather together, our goal is to create an atmosphere that allows for all  young adults to feel at home. We meet at someone's house and use this time to share our lives together through a meal, games, prayer, praise, testimonies, fellowship etc. In every way, our goal is discipleship in Christ.

Koinonia (Families) Ministry


At Lakeview, we create an atmosphere where families with (or without) children  are welcomed and accepted so that spiritual growth will happen in their respective homes and individual lives. We believe that worship should not be limited to Sundays and mid-week Life Group gatherings. But rather, family worship is strongly encouraged throughout the week. Within Koinonia, we emphasize the duality of having healthy Christ-centered marriages and maintaining a godly life through parenting. Through our Life Groups, the importance of living out our vision statement of Transformation NOW drives us to be Christ-like in our relationships as parents, spouses, co-workers, and neighbors. As the oldest life stage at Lakeview, we rely on God’s wisdom so that He will be most glorified in all that we do (1 Cor. 10:31), especially in our marriages and families.

Life Groups (meetings throughout the week):

Presently, there are 5 Koinonia Life Groups that meet in various locations throughout the week. While some are starting to meet in-person, other groups have decided to continue meeting through zoom. Through discipleship and fellowship, our goal is to experience Christ daily and to make Him known. Depending on which Life Group you’re assigned to, weekly gatherings typically happen from Tuesday to Friday nights.

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