We at MOVEMENT live with a purpose to multiply Disciples of Christ in our neighborhoods. We desire to see the hope of Jesus impact us personally and also our community.

And so every Sunday we come together to gather in small group to process and wrestle with how we can learn to be honest, vulnerable, and real with how we can integrate the gospel in every aspect of our lives. We want to move away from a Sunday only faith to one that engages us on a daily basis. We believe that God is more than just something one day but is really the King of the universe.

We image and hope to see more of the kingdom of God here in Chicago! Because how awesome would it be to see his people engage the community around them as people who live out lives of justice, mercy, truth, grace, and love.  We long to be a learning community that wants to work through its junk and imperfection to realize again that it’s by God’s grace that we’re really loved, saved, and transformed! So we work on our junk and its hard but at the same time so good, because we believe that God really wants us to be free from the things that enslave us and diminish our worth as children of God. Isn’t that just amazing that Jesus freely chose to love us! Cool!

So come and journey with us as a community as we seriously discover what it means to be a disciple of Jesus with every aspect of our lives!

Sundays: 12:00pm
Fall, Winter, Spring terms only

How it works
Ethos of Movement

Please join our Movement Life Groups in the Chicago Loop and Evanston area.

Meets Fridays at 7:30pm. Please contact James or Moonhee for more information.

James Hom | Leader

Moonhee Hom | Co-Leader

EVANSTON | Northwestern
Meets Thursdays at 6:30pm. Please contact P. William or Julie for more information.

P. William Pak | Leader

Julie Pak | Co-Leader

950 N Northbrook Ave, Northbrook IL 60062
Sunday, 10:00 AM